Thinking cooking®

Thinking-Cooking is a range of retail products aimed at making people's lives easier in the kitchen - without sacrificing on flavours.

We believe time is precious. But just because hectic family life means you only have a few minutes to create a meal sensation, Thinking-Cooking allows customers to use those minutes carefully. Fast food can be healthy and tasty - don't believe us, just give some of our products a go and you soon will.

Our products are aimed at quality. From cooking bags to potato bakers, all our products will significantly enhance the quality of your food. In fact, our Steam Cooking Bags for the oven or microwave which often leave the consumer with far better tasting food than other methods of cooking, while our BBQ/Oven Bags offer an easy way to create a meal sensation, whatever the weather.

But it is not all about cutting down cooking times, how about trying our Fat-Traps - and cut down significantly on the time spent cleaning up... likewise our Slow-Cooker/Crock-Pot Liners will leave you with a stunning meal but far less washing up. How about Roasting Bags - crisp up the meat, reduce cooking times and cut down on cleaning?

Or how about using our Incredible Fruit and Veg Bags to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce? Like many of our products, they will actually help you save money. The less food you end up throwing away the less you spend at the supermarket. They're fully biodegradable, in fact they tick every environmental box going.

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BBQ/Oven bags

  • BBQ, Oven, Hot-Plate or Griddle
  • Add sauces, glazes and marinades
  • Easily keep vegetarian food separate
  • Four different sizes available
  • Non-stick layer perfect for seafood
  • Very easy to use

Steam Cooking Bags for oven/microwave

  • Steam-cook in the oven or microwave
  • Healthy, tasty food cooked in its own juices
  • Easily add butters or glazes for stunning results
  • Made from naturally self-venting film
  • Very easy to use

Fat-Trap oven grill liners

  • Reduces oven/grill cleaning time and costs
  • Improves taste and texture of cooked foods
  • Soaks up fat during cooking so that food is clean, crisp, healthy and attractive
  • Ideal for meat, poultry, fish, burgers, sausages, chops, steak and many other foods
  • Available in handy retail packs of 10

Roasting Bags

  • Very easy to use
  • Medium and large sizes available
  • The meat will not dry out
  • Crisp, tasty meat
  • Cuts down on the washing-up
  • Also suitable for other joints of meat and fish such as salmon
  • Reduces the cooking time
  • Smaler size also available
  • Available in handy retail packs of 2 or 10

Slow-Cooker Liners / Crock-Pot Liners

  • Tough, highly durable material
  • Reduced cleaning time, which can impact on household bills
  • Reduces wear and tear on the slow-cooker/crock-pot
  • Helps maintain colour and flavour of food
  • Prepare meals in advance and freeze - simple
  • Available in handy retail packs of 3


  • Our special crisping liner will crisp up the potato skin
  • Ideal for jacket potatoes, roast potatoes and croquettes
  • A perfectly clean microwave after use
  • Environmental benefits: the pouch can be used several times before disposal
  • Convenient, fast and easy to use!
  • Available in handy retail packs of 5

Fresh Food Bags

  • Maintain the just-cooked freshness of all foods.
  • Stop food drying out
  • Easy to use adhesive seal
  • Can be opened and reclosed as many times as required
  • Light, simple and environmentally friendly
  • Attractive presentation
  • Come in a handy retail pack of 10
  • Also perfect for over-the-counter sales

The Incredible Fruit & Veg Bag

  • Real shelf life extension for all fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Small and medium sizes available
  • Unique temperature-dependant permeability to optimise the package environment to enhance quality and freshness
  • Balanced moisture permeability to prevent fogging and maintain optimum succulence
  • Available in various thicknesses, printed or plain and suitable for all packaging operations including flow-wrap and vertical and horizontal FFS. Also available as bags and pouches of all sizes for retail, bulk and export packaging.
  • Fully compostable to EN13432 and OK standards
  • Available in handy retail packs of 10
  • Two different sizes available

Products can be purchased at , XXX Maxima stores (map).